Huff n Puff Records artist Nicky Greed drops latest single ‘Talk to me’

MIAMI – Nicky Greed, the Bermuda born hip-hop artist and founder of Huff n Puff Records & Publishing based in the Magic City released his latest studio single and music video titled “Talk to Me” on Monday, according to a news release issued by the record company.

The song was made available immediately on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, IHeartRadio and most other major platforms.

“Talk to Me” is Greed’s 4th single to drop since releasing his first two studio albums titled “The Bad Wolf” and “A Journey in Time You’ll Know.” Lyrics and melodies for the catchy new pop and hip-hop song, which features European tones, were written by Greed, while the music was produced by DJ Shaw-T. The music video production of “Talk to Me” was directed by Shelby Eaton of Shelby Eaton Media.

According to Greed, the song is a breakup song. However, it’s about longing for the other individual to take that person back, while acknowledging regret and sorrow for past mistakes made.

“I think many people will not only enjoy this song for the music qualities, but they’ll also be able to relate to the lyrics, as it’s about coming into maturity and recognizing the mistakes made in a previous relationship, while wanting to right the situation,” said Greed.

Other singles by Greed include “Legend” featuring Zeo, “Yummy” featuring Zeo, a remix of Justin Bieber’s hit song “Yummy,” and his most recent single release “Scarlett’s Lullaby.”

According to Greed, “Talk to Me” is the most significant solo single release since The Bad Wolf.

Like many artists, Greed is slowly booking new shows and looking to plan his next tour, while trying to see how things play out in a post-COVID world.

“We’re excited to get things going again, but I also recognize that it may be a while before things get back to normal,” Greed said.

About Huff n Puff Records & Publishing
Founded in 2018, Huff n Puff Records & Publishing is headquartered in the Magic City and represents artists throughout South Florida. The label was founded by hip-hop artist Nick Pearman and later joined by fellow musician Joanna Croskey as a way to distribute their music, while helping other aspiring artists to do the same. Huff n Puff is known for their reputation of good business practices with hard-working people who are passionate about music.

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