Nicky Greed is on the rise and has been jaaaamin’ his reggae/rock style of music and getting people groovin’ to his tunes for about a year. He’s been busy recording songs with his producer Alex Lipshaw in Wellington, Florida and playing out in South Florida at venues like Winterfest – Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (2014 & 2015) where he opened up for world renowned Vanilla Ice. Other shows include Senorita’s (Orlando), Club Axis (Boca Raton), Propoganda (Lake Worth), The Healing Hearts Charity Event, Bailey Contemporary Arts School, Arts Garage – Alchemy Showcase, The Wanderers Club (Wellington) and The Grille (Wellington).

Nicolas Pearman A.K.A. Nicky Greed was born and raised in Bermuda by his mother and grandmother. He moved to Florida when he was 5 years old. Since he was a child, Nick loved music which was always in the house as everyone sang and performed karaoke. His mom was encouraging of singing and music with the kids since she was a big music fan herself.

Nicky Greed just released his first LP titled A Journey In Time You’ll Know which is available on CD and on iTunes.

NICKY GREED SHARING HIS THOUGHTS ON HIS NEW LP: “Well this has been the longest project that I have ever worked on. I feel like projects I’ve done in the past was a rushing to get the work out but with this project I took about a year and a half to hone in on each song and created this sound that flowed well together. I wanted it to be something that everyone could enjoy. I wanted this to be fun and make people smile, dance, step outside of themselves and feel free. This music gave me a level of freedom to go to the next level of my journey and I wanted to share that.”

“Regarding a favorite song, I’m partial to Revival. It’s the first song. It’s kind of like the explosion into the story. I also have a soft spot for Stand Up Guy that Jessiana Foxx is on… did a little duet there and that was a very special project.”

“I didn’t collaborate with a lot of different people but the artists I did work with believed in what I do. Bezz Believe used to help me with groups I was in in the past like Snap Gang and Wolf Pack and get gigs. He helped put people on so when I asked him if he would be a part of this LP it meant a lot because that was somebody who came from the town I came up in and grew up around and he’s done well in his own business and musical journey.”

“Patrick Abbot, the guitarist on there, he lives in Brazil. We started talking through the internet because I liked some music he had produced in reggae. He took a chance and helped me put together two songs on there – How You Make Me Feel and Lake House. That was real cool working with someone across the seas over the internet just because music was the connection.”

“Getting to work on a lot of it here at Snow Tree Productions is always a good deal. Without Alex Lipshaw’s guidance, a lot of the music wouldn’t be what it is and we wouldn’t have been able to take it as far as its come – without a doubt.”

“Bottom line, the reason I made this LP was that I wanted to connect people, I wanted to connect with people, and I wanted them to have a good time and feel good like I do when I am singing it and performing it and living it.”

SO WHAT GOT NICKY GREED INTO RAP? “I was listening to a lot of Lauren Hill, the Fugees and Bob Marley. I had heard a song by the Police called Message In A Bottle and wanted to do a remix tribute to that song. I had heard a Bruno Mars beat for a song that he had written called Liquor Store Blues – when I had matched the chorus to Message in a Bottle to it , it kind of meshed up well together so I started writing the song and Message in a Bottle was kind of the doorway to get into the reggae and island style. And other projects that have followed that, I’ve kinda tried to incorporate the reggae and rock because alternative rock is really where I started in the singing and stuff like that.”

RECENT TRIPS: Nick recently visited Los Angeles in April 2015. “LA was kind of mind blowing and awakening for me.” Nick spent time at the ASCAP EXPO learning the business side of the music industry and networking with artists from all over the world. Overall he said it was an inspiring experience.

Next trip was to New York to create a music video during the week of Halloween. “I was out there with Jordan Spenser and he’s with a label called The Breadwinner Association and he’s been doing their visuals. He grew up here in Wellington as well as I did. We shot a video for a song called Vibin’ With The Island which is an up beat fun reggae rock dance track and it was a really awesome experience. We had some long days….24 hours plus filming – one of the most challenging musical projects I’ve ever worked on but very rewarding.” Nick got to work with friends in New York and Florida to create the project which made it even more enjoyable.

AT HOME: Nick enjoys working with The Rotary Club and The Wellington Chamber of Commerce in helping with community efforts. In turn, these organizations have been supportive in helping him accomplish his goals.

WHAT DO YOU WANT PEOPLE TO TAKE AWAY FROM THE MUSIC AFTER THEY LISTEN TO IT? “I want them to feel good because that’s what got me into reggae rock which was making people feel good. It’s a brand of music that I enjoy performing and that brings great joy to me.”

WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR INSPIRATON FOR LYRICS? “All over the place…mostly my personal life situations. The reggae specifically I’d have to say out of all the brands of music that I’ve written, is more like a spoken word and poetry based style. I feel there is a level of truth to it that comes from the soul that I haven’t necessarily experienced with any other genre.”

OF ANYONE DEAD OR ALIVE, WHO WOULD NICKY GREED WANT TO MEET? “Honestly, I’d love to hang out with Incubus – the whole band. They got me into singing and into alternative rock. They’re very humble musicians and they’ve had incredible success and I think it would be cool to hand out with them.”

WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD FOR NICKY GREED? “I am very, very actively pursuing a record deal, and really just expanding my music as far as it can go to the four corners of the earth.”

Follow Nicky Greed at, Twitter @NickyGreed, Instagram @NickyGreed, SoundCloud NickyGreedTheBadWolf. For booking information call 561.762.1713 or email


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